A rising Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Omhanyihe Osas Philip, has released his new hit music video ‘Ise’ (Pray), with which he exhorted Nigerians, especially youths to develop their creative abilities, while also encouraging others to be committed to God in their day to day activities.

Even, as the world is moving through the second stage of the coronavirus pandemic which has threatened both the human health and global economic activities, the singer, Philip, popularly known as Phillipo in the music world believes with prayers, the world can overcome the pangs of the dreaded virus. “Ise,” the newly released song under the Prezia Records label, which made its first appearance on TooXclusive, a music and review platform, has been presented as a “highly spiritual song that everyone needs to hear.

Also, the music producing company, Prezia Records, has described Phillipo, an indigene of Edo State, as someone who has shown that “he means business when it comes to the music scene across East and West African regions, tipping “Ise” (Pray), as a song which will uplift the spirit and delight the soul of its listeners.

The song is about praying for the state where I came from, God should stand for the Oba, the people of Edo State, and should give us all in Nigeria wisdom to tread. I also prayed for God protection against every evil snare of the enemy,” Phillipo said.

The youthful musician, who believes Nigerian youths can become more productive if they discover their potentials, develop themselves along a particular skill which can enhance their talents, said, with committed and the desire to nurture a goal irrespective of how many launching trials they make before succeeding, there will be a breakthrough in the end.

The problem these days is that people want to rise to stardom suddenly, without being ready and prepared to give their ambition what it takes. If you desire to be a lawyer, you have to go to a law school before becoming one, and not to just sit down and daydream. Same goes for whoever wants to be a musician, you must have gone through sleepless nights of rehearsals and wait to receive inspirations. It won’t happen in a day, you have to be committed to your dream,” Phillipo charged.

He said, his desire to sing the songs came from his believe that, with God nothing is impossible, and “as we know our tool and medium of communicating with God is through prayers, if we can call upon Him, He will attend to our cases as individuals and as a nation, and most importantly, the COVID-19 global challenge which presently has no medical cure will become a thing of the past if we can pray.” Phillipo, charged that, “a praying nations, is a fruitful nation. If you know how to put God into your situation, your problem is already half solved, what you then wait for after your prayers is the physical manifestation of what God has done, by faith.

We need to be resolved as youths to grow into maturity in our various endeavours, and stop repeating our mistake. Too much of youth delinquency among our youths must be done away with. Those in schools should face the studies, and make the best use of their opportunities to become great in life, as we know the youths of today are Nigeria’s future. Let’s be committed to our dreams and make Nigeria a country of our dream,” Phillipo charged.


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