Bugantra told reporters in Lagos that piracy is the main reason a lot of Nigerians overseas refuse to invest in Nollywood, especially movies about their fatherland.

He said: “I can mention a lot of loopholes in the movie industry in Nigeria, but I will only mention the main ones I grew up observing.

“I have studied the Nollywood industry for some years and it always breaks my heart to see the high level of piracy the industry cankerworms take us down with.


“It’s heartbreaking to see you sharing the dividends of your creativity with a scammer, who doesn’t even have an idea on how much you have worked to create such project.

“These bad eggs are known, but cannot be taken down completely due to selfish reasons. Except you have a strong security against their forces.

“I made certain resolutions and strategies, pushed for working plans and worked on what it can now take me to get the needful I always dreamed of

“I could say am ready to work and make some differences as man cannot continue to live in his fears and obstacles.”

Born in the 80s, Bugantra who is married, also took out time to give details of his early life in Lagos and his sojourn into Nollywood.

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