The 19 years old serial killer, Sunday Shodipe, who was rearrested by the Oyo State Police command has said that the herbalist who was detained with him ordered him to escape from the cell to shed more blood to appease spirits tormenting him.


He made the confession just as he confessed to killing another woman, Mrs Oladeji Funmilayo, after his escape from police custody last Sunday.

The suspect, during his parade alongside other 32 criminals by the Oyo State Police Commissioner, CP Joe Nwachuwu Enwonwu he escaped from police custody in order to get more blood to appease some spirits tormenting the life of the herbalist with whom he was in detention.

The suspect clarified that he was the actual Sunday Sodipe that escaped from police custody, but re-arrested on August 13, 2020. “

Theherbalist with whom I was detained told me to escape from detention to provide blood to appease some spirits who were sucking his (herbalist) blood since he could no longer get access to hard drinks and other ingredients like colanuts, alligator pepper which he was using to offer sacrifice in the cell.” Confessing how he went back to Akinyele area to kill the woman, he said: “After I escaped from Mokola Police cell in Ibadan, I went to do what Baba Adedokun asked me to do to save him from dying.

“I went from Moniya where I used to live to Akinyele and used an object to hack the woman.

Blood gushed out and I recited what Baba always said I should recite, mentioning his name.

I disappeared as usual but did not know whether the woman died”, he narrated.


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