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“Guys, Hustle O”: See What This Lady Did To A Guy Who Asked For Her Number Inside Keke

by Terrydicos

Gentlemen, in this life please make sure you have money. Because that is the only way for you and your ancestors not to be disgraced by some of our ladies. Why am I saying this?

The reason is because I have been trying to understand or find the logic behind what a lady posted on her social media platform , Twitter. The lady who goes by the name ‘Oluwanfunmilayo’ on her twitter account narrated how she got on a tricycle, (popularly known as Keke), and what she did when a guy who was also on the Keke went ahead to ask her for her phone number inside the Keke.

In her post, she explained that she blocked her ears,. Why would he be asking her for her phone number when he still jumps and hops around town in a Keke. In her exact words;

“I entered keke today and this guy was asking for my number, I just blocked my ears. How can you be asking for my phone number inside keke?”

She went ahead to claim it had a lot to do with her self respect and nothing to do with pride when another twitter user pointed out to her that, it was someone like her who would reject a diamond ring just because it was wrapped inside akara.


Personally, I don’t have a problem with ladies that think this way. All I can say in this situation is exactly what Davido said in his song with Victor AD, ‘In this life, have money o’.

What do you think of this ? Was she right or wrong? Drop thoughts in comments.


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