From my experience of weight loss, I noticed that people find it difficult to lose weight, and since the best way to lose weight is not to gain more weight. But certain habits are wrong and don’t make you lose weight quickly; instead, you get fatter.

Also, if you are in the category of people who don’t know what has been making them fat, this post carefully explains the possible cause of your problems and few things that might have been making you fat or get overweight without you knowing.

Some things or habits can make you fat without knowing. Many people complained that they eat their healthy food, do some dieting and still instead of losing weight, they get fat, and they don’t know how the fat arrives.

There are many factors or habit that makes the fat content in your body increase, thereby causing weight gain for you, whereas you can’t even figure out the cause of your weight gain. Getting fat is terrible for the body, which may result in obesity, and you know results in more deadlier diseases like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, etc. which cause death.

You gain fat if you are involved in any of the following which includes;

1. More Fatty Foods : One of the things we do that makes us fat without knowing the cause is the consumption of fatty foods. Fatty foods are suitable for the body, but when you eat them in excess, it slows down the digestion rate, and you gain weight.
Fatty foods are foods rich in animal fat, which are cooked or fried using animal fat. Some fatty foods are from fried foods like fried chicken, grilled meat, chin-chin, doughnuts, puff puff, and many more.

2. Excess Snacks : Someone complained to me that she’s getting fat, and I ask her what her best food was. She replied and said snacks like an egg roll, doughnut, fish roll, meat pie, etc. Then I told her she would continue to get fat because those snacks she loves to eat are high in fat and cholesterol.
If snacks are your best food, then you will continue to add more fat without you knowing you are getting fatter and fatter.

3. Too much Sugary Drinks : Some people cannot drink water but are addicted to sugar, sugary drinks, soft drinks, beer, and many more. All these will make you fat unknowingly, and you will think you are eating the right diet for weight loss, but nothing like that is happening, but you get fatter.
4. Less water but more soft drinks: You will get fat without knowing if you continue to drink less water. Some people will say drinking too much water can make them fat. I am using this medium to tell them that its a fat lie. Water does not make you fat; instead, it makes you reduce weight.
Water aids digestion and any day you start to skip water for something else like soft drinks, you will gain more weight, you will get fat in little time because what is supposed to digest food in your body is not there, so the food turns to fat which you may suffer from constipation.

5. Skipping Breakfast : I don’t know where people get this information from that when they skip breakfast, they lose weight. This is a big lie because research shows that people who skip breakfast eat more food that is high in calories but when you eat in the morning, the body cells and organs are active and high rate of metabolism is achieved which will make you lose weight but if you skip breakfast continuously, you gain get fat without you knowing you are getting fatter than usual thinking you are losing weight.
6. Lack or Less Sleep : According to research, people avoid sleep or people who sleep less due to hard work, late-night work, late-night browsing are unhealthy because they allow the body to accumulate stress which in return makes them fat.
But the regular hours of sleep will help your body cells and organs function correctly, it makes it active, and you won’t add as much weight as the body gather if you stayed sleepless.

7. Avoiding Fruits and Fibers : You will continue to get fat if you ignore foods that are high in fiber and fruits. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals, which helps fasten the rate of digestion in the body, and fibers are foods that aid digestion naturally. All this food helps in reduce weight, but if you ignore some of these foods, you will become fat
8. No or Lack of Exercise : One of the things that make people gain weight and add more fat to the body is lack of exercise. Some people don’t do exercise because of the nature of their job. Some people are lazy while others don’t just like doing it, and the irony of this is that you get fat if you don’t do at least the simple exercise.
Some exercises prevent your body from storing excess fat, but it burns them off, exercise like walking, running, jogging, skipping, cycling, swimming won’t make you fat, but if you ignore them, you get fat without knowing.

In Conclusion, these are things, or I describe them as a habit that makes you fat without knowing. If you refuse to do exercise, you ignore sleep, and you drink less water, you don’t eat fiber foods, you don’t eat fruits, you avoid breakfast, etc. All these will encourage the accumulation of fat in your body system, and you become fat. Thanks for reading.


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