A young boy said to be a JSS 3 student sustained life-threatening injuries after he was allegedly knocked down by some disbanded members of Rivers Taskforce while trying to wrest control of the steering wheel following an argument with a cab driver in Rivers State.

It was gathered that the incident happened on Wednesday afternoon, September 9, at Ozuoba in Obi/Akpor Local Government Area of the state.

The boy was rushed to the nearest hospital while an angry mob succeeded in arresting one of the fake task force members and handed him over to Ozuoba Police Station.


Narrating how the incident happened, the victim’s teacher, Goldy Ude, said that the boy was returning from a WAEC French exam when the vehicle knocked him down. He lost most of his teeth while his face was mutilated.

Ude wrote;

“The above pictures show details of a very disheartening story of task force boys who though disbanded by the government still do their illegal job,”

“This afternoon one of my students, a JSS 3 boy who was returning from a French exam was knocked down by a Siena bus whose steering was seized by the hooligans.

The vehicle totally left the main road and lifted the poor boy from the pedestrian walkway. one of them was caught and handed over to the police in Ozuoba,”

“The boy was rushed unconscious to the hospital. He lost most of his upper teeth. His jaw and part of his face were mutilated I couldn’t hold my tears to see a boy that left me less than an hour earlier in this state.

His situation was bad I thank God for his life. He made it out of the theatre but will need a set of artificial upper teeth,”

” He is lying down in excruciating pain in the hospital now. He did nothing wrong. He was on the walkway. He absolutely didn’t deserve this yet these untamed task force boys disfigured him in his prime,”

“Our Governor needs to hear this, and do something about these boys.please keep posting until the people in authority rise to do the right thing. He is my son ooo, oh God my heart is broken I haven’t slept since yesterday, River state government please come to our aid.”

In another report, a 7- year-old girl identified as Juwairiya Auwal was slaughtered by a suspected female ritualist inside a hut in Jos Museum, Plateau State.

It was gathered that on Saturday, September 5, Juwairiya Auwal and her elder sister Fatima Auwal, went out as usual to hawk brooms around Tudun OC in Rikkos community, Jos north local government area of the state, when they were accosted by an unknown Fulani woman.

Narrating how her younger sister was killed, Fatima said they were hawking when they met the Fulani woman who initially pretended to be a prospective customer.

The woman asked them to give her a broom free of charge but they refused. Suddenly, she touched their heads and they found themselves in a hut in the popular Jos Museum.

According to Fatima, when she opened her eyes she found the elderly woman slaughtering Jumairiya. She managed to escape to look for help.

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