One of the claimants to the controversial title of Ezendigbo of Ibadan land and Oyo state, Dr Alex Anozie, and his subjects have their kinsmen in calling on Federal Government to ensure that the 2023 presidency goes to a candidate of Igbo extraction.

  • Making the call during his address delivered on the occasion of Iwaji Eze 2020 at his palace in Ibadan, weekend, Dr Anozie said that a President of Igbo extraction would go a long way in restoring the confidence of the Igbos in  Nigeria.

    He also asked just the federal government to bring to end insecurity, killings all over the country as it is making well-meaning Nigerians be tempted to join the various agitations all over the country.

  • The Ezendigbo also encouraged all Igbo town unions and associations towards making sure they are united by remaining under the umbrella body of both Ohaneze/ ICDA which remains the only authentic Igbo body bringing them together for the past thirty years while assuring to all the town unions or associations which were deceived or quit the body out of fear or intimidation that ICDA is the only body recognised by a court of competent jurisdiction in Oyo state.

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