Every Month Akeredolu Gets N750m Security Vote, N150m Imprest While His Wife Gets 26m’’ Dep Gov Ajayi Alleges As Ondo Guber Fight Gets Messier

The fight for who becomes the next governor of Ondo state is getting messier.

Deputy Governor Agboola Ajayi, the candidate of the Zenith Labour Party just rained massive corruption allegations against re-election seeking Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

Ajayi who defected from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as part of moves to achieve his gubernatorial alleged that ‘’… the Governor gets a security vote of N750 million every month. He, Akeredolu, also gets an imprest of about N150 million, his wife, though occupies no constitutionally recognised position, and takes an imprest of N15 million naira per month.

“Apart from this, she collects an additional sum of N11 million from the Ministry of Women Affairs, which she runs like a potentate.

“Babajide, Akeredolu’s son, is also not left out in the pillage that Akeredolu and his family is visiting on Ondo State. He too takes a whopping N5 million monthly, and rips off the state by taking unbelievable commissions as a consultant to the State on almost every imaginable areas.

“All these are apart from millions and millions they get from inflated contracts awarded to family members and lackeys.”

Ajayi made the grave allegations against Akeredolu in a report monitored by societynow.ng on premiumtimesng.com in reaction to the Governor’s claims that the deputy governor with a N13million monthly take home is the highest-paid person in his position in the country but greed and lacked of contentment made him disloyal.

Agboola in his reaction claimed he gets N12million and not N13million.

The deputy Governor asserted that the fund is for running cost and takes care of all his allowances, salaries of his aides, and general running of his office and residence.

The bombshell of an allegation Ajayi made against Akeredolu has sparked off all shades of talks in Ondo state.

The Ondo state gubernatorial election is scheduled for October 19, 2020.

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