Stop Using These Methods To Cook Your Food, It’s Killing You Slowly.

Are you aware of that in accordance to the UN about 4 million men and women die each year due to bad cooking practices like the ones we are going to talk about in this post.

More so, according to the The International Centre for Energy, Environment, and Development (ICEED) about 93,000 persons in Nigeria die every year as a end result of fitness problems that outcomes from terrible cooking practices.

The bottom line is that Information is amazing power!

An informed person will constantly have an facet over a much less informed or uninformed person. There are many horrific habits that we have interaction In everyday that poses serious threat to our health and our lives.

However, we can avoid these risks if we are outfitted with the right information.

Your fitness need to constantly come first in whatever we are doing in life, because fitness is fant astic enjoyed with right health.

In this article we are going to talk about the health risks/hazards that are associated with using FIREWOOD And/or CHARCOAL to cook dinner and why you want to stop it at once earlier than it injury your health.

It is rea Edl that there are many properties that cannot afford a greater traditional and safer method of cooking using gas or stoves. Notwithstanding if you need to proceed the usage of firewood then you ought to additionally have a look at the precautions that I am going to spotlight below.So study on to equip yourself with precise knowledge.

For clarity, here are the two techniques you ought to quit the usage of to prepare dinner to avoid health hazards:

1. Firewood.

2. Charcoal: Popularly referred to as “Abacha stove”

Now right here are motives why you ought to end the use of firewood and charcoal to prepare dinner plus how they are destructive your health and killing you slowly:

These two methods of cooking (firewood and charcoal) produces smoke that includes fantastic particulate count And hazardous chemicals.

When you inhale the smokes, they diffuse into your lungs the place they motive structural harm by scaring the partitions of the lungs, chemical injury through introducing risky chemical substances in your lungs which culminates and in the end lead to serious health issues or complications.More so, some resources such as polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons (PAHs) and dioxin that you inhale with the smoke can cause terminal health troubles like cancer.

There is an expanded chance of the smoke you inhaled to reason respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

Lastly steady exposure to smokes from firewood and charcoal can minimize your immunity and make you prone to infections.It additionally recognised that subjecting yourself to smokes from charcoal and firewood is equal to smoking cigarettes. And therefore if you proceed using them for a long time it is possible to go through the same health troubles as smokers do.


This is no longer the remaining solution to the usage of firewood and charcoal to cook. It’s simply an advice.

Anytime you are the use of these strategies to cook dinner out of necessity, make certain you cowl your nostril with a face mask and your eyes with goggles to guard yourself.

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