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See What A 16 Yrs Old Girl Posted On Facebook That Made People Blast Her

by Terrydicos

It’s of no doubt that the blue platform which is owned and managed by a Russian Billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg has been of great help to its users.

Facebook over the years has served as a means for people to converse with friends and love ones both far and near.

People get to chat a whole day with friends and loved ones with less airtime unlike what it would have cost them if twas a call. There is nothing like bored moments on Facebook as users gets the opportunity to read controversial, intriguing, educative and hilarious stories on their news feed. With all these benefits aforementioned, it’s fair to say that the blue platform has been more of an advantage than a disadvantage to the society.

In my article today, I will be sharing with you all a controversial post I came across while scrolling through my news feed. The post which was shared by a gorgeous looking Igbo girl from Owerri, Imo State identified as Dabere Chi who claimed to be 16 years old. The post which she shared cause outrage among some Facebook users that they started blasting her.

She captioned the post:

 “Imagine all this niggas, you can’t afford my cream, yet if I post you will be begging me to date you. I’m very expensive and I don’t date broke guys.”

See screenshot of her post below;

Facebook users after seeing what this girl posted reacted differently and some were furious because she said she don’t date broke guys and that she is expensive. What got most of them pissed off, is that she was still young and she got the mindset that she don’t and won’t date guys who ain’t financially buoyant.

See screenshots of reactions below;

What’s your take on what this young girl said?

Do you think love is all about money?

Can you date a guy who isn’t financially buoyant?

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