Ladies Don’t Die Of Toilet Infection, Here Is What I Do To Avoid Toilet Infection

As ladies, we have to remember that our bodies are open and prone to infections, our bodies are very sensitive and should be handled with care. Alot of women have suffered alot due to infections, most of these infections are deadly and can cause barrenness, miscarriage and sometimes more damages.

They say that prevention is better than cure, you know there are diseases that once you contact them, to cure them will be very hard. Getting a toilet infection is faster than treating it, you can get this toilet infection from any toilet.

This is why it is best for ladies to avoid using public toilets, I have trained my self in a way that I never have to use any public toilet, because I do not know who has been there.

Even the toilet in your house is not safe, it doesn’t matter if you leave alone or you leave with someone.

To Avoid Toilet Infection, there are some few simple things I make sure I always do.

Before I sleep at night, I always cut cloves/ginger and throw them into my toilet and cover it, this is due to the fact that Garlic has antimicrobial and antifungal functions which helps destroy bacteria.

Once I wake up in the morning, I flush out the garlic, I always do this every night to avoid any form of infection waiting around. I don’t make use of the toilet once I put the garlic, that’s why I always do it in the night before going to bed.

I also boil a cup of water with some garlic inside to make garlic tea, when it boils, I leave it for 10 minutes and pour it straight into my toilet before I sleep. In the morning any bacteria left in there would all be dead, then I flush it off, I have been doing this for a while now and I have no issues with any infections.

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