It’s quite unfortunate that those we love and call our own most times are the reason for our downfall and death. Those we value and consider as the best, those we support and seek their good are the ones tarnishing our image, and even encouraging others to harm us.

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife for the purpose of procreation. Wives were meant to be submissive while the husbands caring and gentle in return. But today most couples care less about how marriages were meant to be, all they do is quarrel, cheat , and even break up(divorce) which is not normal. Some even go as far as murdering their husbands/wives because of issues they can settle within 5seconds.
Learn from these people whose lives were ended by their Lovers
1) Symphorosa Otike-Odibi

A Nigerian lawyer killed by his wife Udeme who is also a lawyer. According to a witness, Olusegun Bamidele, Udeme had not only murdered her husband but also cut off his manhood. According to the murderer, they had marital issues which made her go into her kitchen took a frying pan and knife which she used to kill her husband.

2) Henry Gagariga (A lawyer)

Victoria murdered her lawyer husband, Henry, who they had a misunderstanding together before the incident. According to her, she stabbed Henry on the neck. She was sentenced to death by hanging by Justice Nayai Aganaba, Bayelsa State High Court . It was revealed that they had no kids yet.
3) Lekan Shonde

Lekan Shonde murdered his wife Ronke, according to their neighbors, he had beaten his wife to death after accusing her of sleeping with the general manager of a publishing company. He was sentenced to death by hanging by Justice Josephine leaving behind his two children in Lagos State.

4) Bilyaminu Bello

Was murdered by his wife Maryam Sanda. According to her, she had stabbed her husband to death with a knife with clear intent to kill him. She was sentenced to death by hanging by Justice Halilu in Abuja .
5) Nicholas Adestav

Was murdered by his wife Rachael together with their three children. She had killed her husband with a pestle and slashed her children’s throat with a knife, according to her neighbors.

Be careful of who you marry, don’t marry a hot tempered patner and even if you did so learn to avoid issues that can be settled easily. And above all learn to forgive and invite God (Allah) into your home.

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