SO SAD! Nigerian Celebrities Who Went From Rich To Completely Broke Despite All The Millions They Made A popular saying about money: If you save me today, I will save you tomorrow”. C

Celebrities probably make tons of cash most of us can only dream of having in our lifetime but they still end up even broker than us.


Many people especially celebrities forget to save money in their hay days until their time runs out in the game and they find themselves stranded. Most celebrities think their pockets will never run dry so they blow money forgetting to plan for the future.

During the lockdown period, Davido made mention of the fact that celebrities who used to live flambouyant lives would be hit the hardest due to the financial backlash the covid-19 has brought upon us. Today, we are taking a look at celebrities who have gone down financially over the years.

PS; This article in no way is meant to mock or ridicule anyone but to readers take a cue from this and start planning for your future.

6. OJB Jazreal:

The ordeal of African Queen Music producer, OJB Jezreel, with kidney failure has revealed the lifestyle of our music celebrities. He struggled to get the required funds for his kidney transplant and had to resort to begging Nigerians to save his life and donate money for his operation. This development casts a notion of wasteful spending on our celebrities who made money when the going was good.

A lot of our contemporary artistes and music producers have smiled to the bank unlike the veteran singers of yesteryears who laboured more producing quality music and yet did not make as much as the contemporary artistes. The Nigerian musician has laboured and tried to make himself to be reckoned with. Today, while many have attained celebrity status via the industry and become brand ambassadors of different products and organisations, others have gradually faded out as if they never existed. Check out some of them below:

6 Majek Fashek:

How are the mighty fallen! This exclamation best captures the current state of New York-based Majek Fashek who waltzed his

way into the hearts of music fans in the early ’90s with his critically acclaimed album, Prisoner of Conscience. All is definitely not

well with the reggae icon who released a video entitled Jah Revelation.

Looking from his kind of music and patronage, he is supposed to be one of the most stable artistes, but Majek has been dogged

by bad publicity. After many years of turbulent sojourns, he finally gave in to the cold hands of death. His family had to run around to pull funds for his funeral arrangements- Things were that bad.

5 Blackface

When stories of famous entertainers who have suffered a reversal of fortunes are chronicled, the name Augustine Ahmed better

known as Blackface would definitely echo and reecho. Ejected from home by landlord, deserted by wife and abandoned by

friends; such is the story of Blackface, who was once a trailblazer when the raga movement took off in Nigeria. Together with his

friends, Tuface and Faze, they took the music scene by storm.

While Tuface, after their inglorious disbandment continues on his astronomical rise and Faze rides on the crest of his modest

fame, Blackface has remained unable to find his footings. That is after a big hit with his albums. Will he bounce back or continue

to wallow in penury?

4 Soul E

“In the life of everyman, there must be some ups and downs, it’s just a normal thing that happens and I must tell you that I have

learnt from them and all I can ask from God is that everything falls in place this time around. Most of the things I did before, I

don’t do them anymore. One of the things I learnt in my trying period is to be focused on the Lord and no matter how deep down

one goes, God is mighty and able to lift him back to the greatest heights.”

The above was the response of Emmanuel Okose (aka Soul E) when asked about his depreciated relevance in the Nigerian music

industry. Shortly after hitting it big, especially with the tracks, Soul E Baba dey Here, In My Life, among few others, the young

hip hop actor disappeared from lime-light. Since he left Colossal Entertainment, to start his own record label, Soul E

International Records, all has never been well, especially with his finances. His failed marriage to older lover, Queen Ure is said

to have also contributed to his thin pocket. But fans have also blamed him for lack of good planning only to seek for relevance

when things are sour.

2 Ekwe

Sunday Osakuni, popularly known as Original Stereoman Ekwe, is no doubt among the artistes with riches to rag stories.

According to the artiste whose hit song, E dey Pain Me and once a Glo Ambassador, made waves a few years back. His ordeal

began after he was invited by homicide detectives, Force CID Panti, Yaba–Lagos, following an allegation that he strangled and

killed his estranged wife, Rukayat Idris in April 2012.

The incident, no doubt, affected the fortunes and career of the dread-locked artiste. Shows have eluded him completely. And the

matter is worsened by the absence of a trending song from the Delta State-born Stereo man. We hope he will rise to fall no more.

Eddy Remedy

  1. Eddy Ashiedu-Brown, better known as Eddy Montana, a former member of the defunct musical group, Remedies, has had his

own share of misfortunes in the nation’s entertainment industry. He seems the only unsuccessful member of the defunct

Remedies. He had a messy separation from his wife, Kenny Saint Brown of Kennis Music and has not been able to resuscitate his


music career since he dropped the arrival of Eddy Remedy. His case is like the unfortunate hunter who caught a big Antelope but

in a twinkle of an eye, let loose.

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