If You’re Still Adding This Ingredient While Boiling Your Meat, Then You’re Damaging Your Kidney

When we buy meat from the market, we tend to wash it and then boil it to make it soft.

But while boiling, there is this ingredients usually added to it that makes the meat become dangerous to the health.

What can this be? It’s not the maggi neither is it the salt or onions, but PARACETAMOL .

Don’t be shocked because i said PARACETAMOL .
Some restaurants and canteens add paracetamol to meat, especially cow tail to make it soft and tender quickly.

If you eat cow tail, you will know that it takes hours to boil the tail before it becomes soft and edible for peopersoup. This makes some people add paracetamol to it to soften it easily. During cooking, the paracetamol slowly breaks down into a substance called gelatin. This substance makes the meat soften in minutes.


But, the harm this does is more that the good.

Adding high doses of aspirin or paracetamol can cause acute renal failure, because paracetamol, when cooked, loses its pain-killer property and becomes highly acidic and dangerous for consumption.

So, for health reasons, the use of paracetamol for tenderizing meat must be STOPPED.

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Please maintain social distance, wear your face masks, wash your hands regularly with sanitizer for prevention is better than cure.

Stay Safe.

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