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Three (3) Things Every Lady Wants From Her Man But Are Shy To Tell Them

by Terrydicos

Three (3) Things Every Lady Wants From Her Man But Are Shy To Tell Them

In as much as we know that getting a lady as your second and partner to belong in future, you should observe these following principles as a man.

We carried out a study and discovered that there two things a lady needs from you but are shy to tell, why because when they need it is not when you are capable enough to give it to them.

1. Money:

Lades need money. As a man, if you can give a woman money at least every week, you will make them happy.

Why Because giving girls money is a good way to be used by them and it is not when they ask that you have planned to give them.

Many girls need money to fix their hair, in weeks, change their pads, buy wears like clothes, shoes and other cosmetics..

As a man, you should know that mostly, woman body do has odour and she would need to take care of herself fine.

2. Care:

A man who does not spend time with his woman ignores her to his own peril.

women needs caring from you before they are shy to tell you as a man.

Regardless of how well he provides for her, if he does not take care of her emotional needs, the relationship is at risk.

A man who makes time to do things with his woman is a keeper and she would be happy.

3. Romance:

A woman really needs romance from you as a man once a while in a relationship and if you don’t do that, it would be hard from them to flow with you.

When you are being romantic to a woman, it is a means of going out of your way to express tenderness.

And moreso, it means showing her that even though you know she is capable of taking care of herself, you want to take care of her in your own ways and you want to let her take care of you right back.

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