7 things you should never do on an empty stomach: Every one is a victim of number 4

1. Anti-inflammatory drugs by mouth

Aspirins, ibuprofen, and other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), which also include Paracetamol, should not be taken on an empty stomach. These are known to carry certain side effects; They can increase the risk of certain gastrointestinal conditions, such as ulceration, bleeding, perforation of the stomach or intestine, which are quite serious. Therefore, the FDA recommends that NSAIDs are always taken with food, which provides a buffering effect on the stomach lining. NOTE: you don’t need a full meal while you eat them, you can even settle for smaller things like a banana.

2. Drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is not a good idea at all. Basically, when we haven’t eaten, the body absorbs the effect of alcohol much faster. The absorption rate becomes twice the average speed; it is more or less equivalent to injecting alcohol into your blood. Tip: If you find yourself voluntarily caught up in the social obligation to drink with friends, consider ordering a non-carbonated drink, as they are not absorbed efficiently. Eating a sandwich with the drink is a great idea, especially one with butter.

3. Chew gum

In case you do not know, when a person starts chewing gum, the same chewing action sends a signal to the brain warning that you are about to eat certain foods. As a method of preparation, the stomach begins to release a small amount of gastric acid, which can flood it without the balancing effect of food. Over time, if it becomes an everyday activity, it could lead to the development of stomach ulcers. Tip: if you feel like chewing gum, do it after lunch and opt for a sugar-free one.

4. Go to bed

Another habit that many people adopt daily (mostly out of laziness) and that is totally counterproductive. Going to bed hungry is not a good idea at all; low glucose levels prevent your body from resting well, which can cause superficial or inadequate sleep. Curiously, sleeping poorly or poorly increases the secretion of the hunger hormone, so we eat much more on the days we wake up tired. Tip: lying down on a full stomach is not a good idea either; instead, you can eat some protein, such as chicken, cottage cheese, vegetables, or a fruit smoothie.

5. Go shopping

In a way, being very hungry makes us delirious, therefore, shopping on an empty stomach is a tremendously bad idea; You will end up buying much more than you really need. According to a study by the University of Minnesota, this delusional approach is not limited to just food; It also makes us incompetent when it comes to buying non-food items. Our brain begins to see things that are not crucial as very relevant, and consequently, we end up buying unnecessary or stupid products.

6. Drink coffee or tea

After getting dragged out of bed on a hectic morning, your tired mind might send you the signal that you need good coffee; in fact, turning on the coffee maker or making yourself a cup right now is one of the first things you’ll be used to. However, in the morning, drinking this hot drink on an empty stomach can increase acid levels in the stomach and put you at serious risk of vomiting or constipation. So if you’re looking for something quick, grab a good toast before indulging in the morning coffee.

7. Train in the gym

Of course, exercising regularly and staying fit is very important to our overall health, but it is not entirely recommended to do it in the morning if your stomach is empty. The body begins to burn glycogen for fuel, but since you will not have enough in the morning, you will burn muscle mass as a substitute, which will increase fat storage. Your body needs food for workouts, with a healthy amount of carbohydrates and fats. Also, you may feel lethargic, reducing overall productivity and increasing the risk of fainting.

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