Home NEWS SEE Shocking Details Of How Dino Melaye Turned His Wife Into Punching Bag, Forcing Women To Run For Their Live

SEE Shocking Details Of How Dino Melaye Turned His Wife Into Punching Bag, Forcing Women To Run For Their Live

by Terrydicos

SEE Shocking Details Of How Dino Melaye Turned His Wife Into Punching Bag, Forcing Women To Run For Their Live.

Dino Melaye and wife, Tokunbo Fabiyi got married in 2003 and nurtured three children together for 11 years. Then in 2013, Tokunbo said she couldn’t take the violent treatment from Dino anymore.

She shared on social media how Dino turned her into a punching bag and how she ends up in the hospital several times.

She also testified in court that Dino held a gun to her head threatening to blow her head off on one of the days they were having an issue.

It was a messy divorce involving even family members and a purported family friend standing in as a lawyer to Dino.

On, December 18, 2013, Toyin Akande released a statement as Dino Melaye’s lawyer. He rebutted Tokunbo’s allegations that Malaye had battered her and, at a time, drew a gun at her.

Akande claimed Tokunbo was paid to tarnish her ex-husband’s image and have him imprisoned.

Akande challenged Tokunbo to provide police records or statements written by Melaye in any police station following a report of spousal assault.

“I challenge her to produce the so called record of abuse in any police station in Nigeria where Dino was invited and his statement taken. Nothing ever took place so nothing to report”.

Akande also described Tokunbo as a negligent mother, who abandoned her ill child, lied to be on an official assignment, while she travelled to India to have cosmetic surgery. Akande said the surgery, which ruptured later, was paid for by Maleye when Tokunbo ran into troubled waters because of her inability to pay the medical bill.

“Strange as it is, this is a woman who abandoned her then ill child to go to India for cosmetic surgery on her nose,stomach and other parts. She told Dino she was on an official assignment, only to do surgery, fall into a coma and fail to pay her bills. It was Dino that her family contacted and he rushed to her financial and medical aid. ”

Akande continued to open cans of worms alleging that Tokunbo had a younger lover and had slept with different men, including Malaye’s friends.

“Is it her infidelity, having affairs with Dino’s friends, her ex’s and God knows who else? Is it the occasion she was caught by Dino giving his possessions (watches, jewelry, etc) to her lovers?”

Akande quipped. He, also, claimed Malaye had found Tokunbo’s ex wearing his wristwatch, which the latter claimed their maid stole.

“Dino saw an ex actually wearing his watch that she claimed was stolen by the maid that led to say he was having an affair. Dino knew that Tokunbo had taken his possession to give as gifts to her boyfriends and that it was not the house girl/girls who stole. In his adamant defense of the maid/maids, Tokunbo concluded he must be having an affair. Tokunbo confessed it was only once.

“Dino caught her, she stole his possession to give her lovers. She even gave a brand new car Dino bought for her to her younger lover. Over the years, Dino severally removed her from their matrimonial home only for her to beg his family who insisted he forgive and taken her back especially for the kids sake”.

Akande stated that Malaye’s access to the kids was “fully controlled by her (Tokunbo)” contrary to her claim of lacking access to them. But Tokunbo’s brother, Dr. Malcolm Fabiyi shed more light on the matter.

Fabiyi said Tokunbo claimed that she never knew the said family friend { Akande) during their 10-years marriage, while he adduced evidence that Malaye violently assaulted his sister.

Aside from displaying a picture of Tokunbo before a policeman, with her hand dripping with blood, Fabiyi said the family had obtained hospital records of the former’s hospitalization due to an attack on her by Malaye between 2005 and 2010. He said the picture was a result of an attack by Melaye on Tokunbo on October 1, 2010, which was reported at Wuse Zone 3 Police Station.

Fabiyi said Tokunbo fled to the nearby police station to avoid Malaye who was wielding a wooden plank. He added a police constable escorted Tokunbo to Wuse Hospital to treat her wound on the said day.

Fabiyi said Maleye on sighting Tokunbo and her siblings, showed “cowardice” and hurriedly shut his gate while calling the police on the telephone that some armed robbers were at his gate.

On getting there, Fabiyi said, the policemen found it was they, and (the earlier complaints) left disappointed at Malaye’s false distress call. He faulted Maleye’s claim that no gun was found on him when the police searched his office on 4 November and upon a report by his former wife, Tokunbo.

Fabiyi said rather than say the reason for which the Police searched his residence and office, Malaye “lied to the press and Nigerians ( that police search was in relation to his anti-corruption activities.”

Fabiyi said it was also not true that the children were in Tokunbo’s care. He said rather it was Tokunbo who had been denied access to her children. He said Melaye was sometime furious about Tokunbo’s visits to the kids at school and consequently made them skip schooling for some days until the management bowed to wish.

Fabiyi also displayed a purported document to the effect. Fabiyi also challenged Malaye to mention the name of the Tokunbo’s ex and the younger lover he alleged he gave his wristwatch and a car to.

“We challenge Mr. Melaye to show evidence of any discussion, meeting, or association between Tokunbo and any of his so-called political enemies. We challenge Mr. Melaye to name names. A man who can openly and maliciously accuse his wife of infidelity should have no qualms naming the so-called enemies that his wife is supposed to have been cavorting with”

Shortly after his divorce with Tokunbo, he got a Nollywood actress, Bisi Omologbalogba pregnant then went on to deny being responsible. It was one scandal that dragged for a long time.

After Bisi, Dino met single mother, Alero Falope reportedly the niece of the popular Daisy Danjuma.

Barely seven months after their marriage, Alero who was pregnant at the time packed her belongings and ran for her life.

According to reports, Alero left due to the constant beating she has been receiving in the hands of Dino and she couldn’t stand it anymore. She termed the six months she spent with Dino as hell.

See a chat leak allegedly between the two ex-wives;


Dino Melaye refuted the claim when his first wife Tokunbo tweeted about the development on Twitter. He also tweeted that there is no truth in what his ex-wife said:

“This Dino name sweet to lie oooo. When you check the origin of some lies you can tell the frustration of some people. Every lie will expire”.

When a follower asked him to resolve issues with his new wife, if there is any, he wrote:

“My sister no issue to resolve. Thank you”.

The truth actually is out and everyone knows that Dino is a single man living alone as no woman wants to live with him for fear of being beaten. His children are reportedly living outside the country with his dad while he lives alone with his fleet of cars.

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