UNCOVERED: Senior Police Officer Reveals How Policemen Buy Bullets, Magazines Themselves Despite Heavy Funds Released By Federal Government

It is a well-known fact that the Nigerian Police Force is an organisation that houses corruption going by the activities of policemen and their conducts in society. Many Nigerians believed policemen are second to politicians when it comes to corruption in the country.

While many are quick to point accusing fingers at Nigerian police officers without finding out why these officers take the path of dishonour while discharging their duties.

There are wide-range of issues why police officers are becoming rogue and criminally minded in the discharge of their duties, one and probably the most important reason is inadequate funding and corruption among the top shots in the Police headquarters.

In a bid to unravel the mystery behind the corrupt attitude of policemen in Nigerian, that is, the rank and file, the average policeman on the streets of Nigeria. A serving Superintendent of the Nigeria Police Force has made some damning revelations about the law enforcement agency.

The senior police officer who pleaded that his identity is hidden revealed that police officers but their bullets and magazines themselves.

He made the shocking revelation during an exclusive interview with Daily Post, he disclosed that the Police Command only gives officers guns without bullets and magazines.


The police officer who previously worked with the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS , said officers are forced to source for bullets and magazines used in discharging their duties themselves.
He made the disclosures in response to the widespread condemnation of police officers across the country which

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