Breaking : Joe Biden Wins Big As Protesters Match To The Street Asking Donald Trump To Accept Defeat

Emerging reports from Chicago has confirmed that protestors have taken to the streets to urge President Donald Trump to accept the United States election results the way they are, as his opponent, the Democrat, Joe Biden shows high chances of winning.

Police officers have been left with a responsibility of controlling the peaceful demonstrators from crossing over to the Chicago river over the Wabash Avenue bridge which according to New York Time was between Trump and Biden`s supporters.

In 2006, Trump`s wining votes came from Michigan, which is a critical milestone and a strong supportive battleground in the face of elections.

According to CNN and NBC Biden outshined trump, 49.8% to 48.6% with confirmed 97% of votes for Michigan`s 16 constituents.

CNN and NBC affirmed that Biden stood at 264 Electoral votes, with a small slot of 6 more Electoral votes to be declared the next President of United States.

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