Are You Part Of Those People That Drink Pap (OGI)? Then You Have To Read This Vital Information

Many people still find joy in drinking pap (which is also called Akamu) without knowing what it is capable of doing to the body. S

people even drink pap on a daily basis, just like we take rice daily. Pap is among those few foods which doesn’t take much tome to prepare. Making pap, all you need to do is to add little water to your raw pap, turn to dine smooth paste which is not too thick or watery, then you pour hot water till it solidifies.

So, we must all have been aware that pap is made from maize (or corn). To get pap from maize, you soak your maize in hot water for hours after removing them from their maize cob to make the maize ferment and soft. After that, you take it out ready for grinding. Then you sieve out the dirt part of the maize using a white and clean cloth. Yellow or white maize could be used, depending on your tastes. Pap doesn’t undergo any kind of chemical or industry process, which is why it is regarded as being a completely natural meal. It always retains its nutrients.

People take pap on a daily basis, just the way rice is taken daily. But most people are negligent of what it is capable of doing to the body and to the health. Drinking pap helps to maintain high blood pressure due to its high content of potassium and it contains no sodium. Pap helps to restore body fluid and fight against dehydration as it contains high amount of water. It is really good for someone suffering from diarrhea.

For nursing mothers, pap helps in producing more milk and also increase the rate of flow of br.e.ast milk which infants feed on. It helps in passing out the body waste in form of urine which is why we tend to urinate more after drinking pap. It aids digestion, rich in carbohydrates and so provides energy to the body. It is sometimes recommended for sport men and women so as to provide them with enough energy needed for the day. So note that drinking pap is not a bad thing, as it contains very high nutrients, good for the body.

Now that you have seen this, make sure to add pap to your meal as it is a very good source of energy and other benefits as listed above. You can enjoy your pap with milk, beans, moin moin, beans cake and so on.

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