Why You Should Never Leave Your Slippers Outside At Night

We are all aware of the kind of world we are living in right now. People on a daily basis are always coming up with new ways to be do evil.

We on the other must be very wise. We must device ways to stay away from all form of wicked act going on around.

We must learn to be stay safe and away from danger.

Here are 3 Reasons why you must never leave your slippers outside at night.

1. It Can Get Stolen


The way the country is right now, some people out there have devoted their time in taking things that doesn’t belong to them, and this is very wrong.

Anything tangible you keep outside can be stolen, be wise.

2. Spiritual Reason


We have heard of cases that people get spiritually attacked just by leaving their slipper outside. This is no joke, any one can be a victim, so to be on the safe side, never leave your slippers outside.

3. It Can Get Infested By Insects

This is also another serious one. Dangerous insects like scorpion can hide in a person’s slippers. And without knowing, you will put your leg in them and it will have a disastrous ending.

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