What A Man And Woman Were Caught Doing In A Public Bus That Got Reactions

The kind of world we live in now is one where when people see something weird they immediately reach out for their smartphones to record or take photos so they can upload it on their various social media accounts like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and 2go. Welcome to the social media era


There are certain things that are just abnormal to do on a public bus. Have you ever heard of the quote “doing the right thing at the wrong time or place”? A video of what a man and a woman suspected to be a couple was caught doing on a public bus has gone viral and people have been airing their opinions of it

Spouses in love with each other oftentimes display a show of affection in public places and to some extent, it is considered normal but not in this case. This man was caught in a public bus doing what most men would not even do to their wives at all even at home

Most women would admire their husbands more if they are able to do something like this for them but some men may consider this a blow to their ego. In our today’s world, women are campaigning for gender equality, wives want to have equal rights with their husbands at home and this has caused problems in many marriages.

What most women don’t know is that when you treat your husband with love and respect instead of fighting over equal rights in most cases he will replicate the love and respect. He may start doing several house chores, assist you with the kids, and all of that, out of love and it wouldn’t even seem like a blow to his ego at all.

In my opinion, this couple should be lauded. The man is able to assist her in losing her braided hairs irrespective of the fact that they were on a bus and had attracted the attention of other passengers who were video recording

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