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Cooking And Eating Noodles Without Doing This First Could Be Killing You Slowly

by Terrydicos

Cooking And Eating Noodles Without Doing This First Could Be Killing You Slowly

It’s good to cook foods that we consider to be fast foods. Noodles are one of the many foods which we can refer to as fast food. This is because it is easy to cook and with little or no ingredients.

A lot of persons and families eat lots of noodles, they make noodles a part of their everyday meal. As a matter of fact, there are some category of people who cook and eat noodles in the morning, and when they come back from work in the evening, noodles still remain their meal for dinner. Such people are addicted to eating noodles.

It’s one thing to cook and another thing to cook it right, I mean cooking the food the right method. There are methods or ways you cook some of the food you eat, without knowing that it could be killing you slowly. What you eat and the way you cook it could be the reason why you continue to have that sickness that you are suffering everyday.

Do you know that most foods you eat are made of dangerous chemical components which are very harmful to your health, and could be the reason why you fall ill every time? . These dangerous chemical components are used to make some of these refined and processed foods you ingest into your system, on a daily basis and it has been killing you slowly without you knowing about it.

Let me give you the news. Noodles have high level of sodium and trans fats, both of which can raise cholesterol and blood pressure and lead to more serious, life – threatening conditions. These things should not be eaten as grow older. People over 40 years old and those who already have diabetes or blood pressure are even more at risk. Also, in most cases, noodles also contain what is known as monosodium glutamate and another chemical component called tertiary butyl hydroquinone. These are chemical preservatives used in keeping the longevity of the noodles, but what people don’t know is how bad these things can be to their health.

Well, it’s not much of a big deal to some people who put these meals into their system on a daily basis. Since some of us can’t really do without cooking and eating noodles, there is actually something you can do in order to prevent these dangerous chemicals contained in noodles from killing you slowly. In this article, I will show you what you have to do first before you finally cook and eat your noodles, at least to be on a safer side. Your health matters a lot and you matter too. Just follow me down this article to see what you need to do.

Now, when you cook and eat your noodles without using what is called, the sieving method, it could be bad and would be killing you slowly. The sieving method is just the method of draining off all the chemicals contained in the noodles before you finally cook and eat.

This is done by first doing the following:

1. Place a pot of water on the gas, when it boils, add the noodles to it.

2. Allow the noodles to cook for about 3minutes (by now, the chemicals must have been killed inside the hot boiling water).

3. Then carry it down and pour into a sieve and allow the water to sieve off.

4. Then pour the noodles back into the pot and cook in any way you want it. Always remember to add vegetables to your noodles while you cook.

Adding a little bit of carrot, cabbage, green leaves etc, would make your noodles more nutritious and healthy for your consumption.

One or two eggs and fish wouldn’t also be a bad idea. They can be added to your noodles to make it more nutritious and healthy for you.

This is it about cooking and eating noodles. Please it is very important that, you do what is written above first before you finally cook and consume your noodles, that way, you are increasing your life span and also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I hope you find this article interesting. Please don’t forget to drop a comment on the comment section. More will be coming your way.

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