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OPINION: Bobrisky Should Be Arrested, See What She Wears To The Mall Today

by Terrydicos

OPINION: Bobrisky Should Be Arrested, See What She Wears To The Mall Today

Indecent and seductive dressings are two major problems in our society today, it is something that should be discouraged by all means. The government has done its best towards this situation, but as day goes by, we keep seeing new trends of indecent and seductive dressings being flaunt everywhere in our society.

It is however sad to note that people who we call the role models and look up to, are even the ones doing this most of the times. The Celebrities are the most influential set of people in our society today, and as such, they are the ones that almost 75% of the youths are imitating in every thing they do. This ranges from the way they dress, the way they make their hair, the way the speak, and so on. Currently, almost all the guys are painting their nails black. I was so surprised when I first saw it.

I couldn’t understand what twas all about, so I decided to ask one of them why they painting their nails black, and to my greatest surprise, what he said made me wept that day. He told me that he’s a fan of a particular Male celebrity whose fingers are all painted black, so that’s why they are all joining him in doing the trend. Today again, see what Bobrisky is wearing to the mall, and many of her followers are seeing it. The next day, they may start wearing the same outfit all in the Name, “Bobrisky wore it”.

Please if you’re a Celebrity, use your power to influence us in a good way and not in a way that we will be ashamed of ourselves later tommorow. Other countries are fighting indecent dressings, people who wear indecent dresses ok the street are arrested in Singapore. The other day, a lady and a guy were arrested for wearing indecent dress in the street of California and Texas respectively. If this regulation is made in Nigeria, it will go a long way by helping the upcoming generation appreciate the value of dressing in a decent manner.

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