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REVEALED! How Odion Ighalo Allegedly Secretly Divorced His Wife After She Disrespected His Mother & Late Sister

by Terrydicos

REVEALED! How Odion Ighalo Allegedly Secretly Divorced His Wife After She Disrespected His Mother & Late Sister

It seems the marriage of Manchester United and former Super Eagles striker, Odion Ighalo has secretly ended if reports are anything to go by.

It is said in the media that Ighalo has dumped his wife, Sonia over her disrespectful behavior towards his mother and brother.

Sonia had bad blood with Ighalo’s sister of blessed memory.

She is reported to have refused to acknowledge the death of the lady. Ighalo’s junior brother is believed to have been in several bust-ups with Sonia over her disapproval on him visiting his brother’s house.

Sonia is not in support of the way and manner, her in-laws interfere in her marital affairs. Ighalo, who doesn’t seem to agree with his wife has resorted to calling it to quit. Both Jude and Sonia Ighalo have been seen without their wedding rings and change of names on social media. Sonia was first to revert to her father’s name “Adesuwa”.

The first hint of their rocky marriage came in December 2019 when Sonia went on Instagram Stories to blast the footballer for hosting a party just after his sister Mary Atole died.

Just nine days after his sister Atole died in Canada, the striker hosted the second-anniversary party of his Ighalo Orphanage Home and his wife wasn’t pleased with it.

“I don’t normally do this but seriously where is thy humanity,” Sonia wrote.

“Not even up to a week u staged party WTF; and someone wrote me how come I’m not mourning. Who get sis de party up and down na me wey just enter wan mourn?”

Although she came out a few days later to insist that they are still traditionally and legally married’ “no leave, no transfer,” she wrote on Instagram, the cracks were obvious.

For one, Ighalo last December didn’t have his stopover in London like he usually does anytime he leaves China while on break.

With his wife and kids based in London, Ighalo usually stops over in the United Kingdom before his trip to Nigeria.

Soon, the couple, known for their public display of affection had no photos of each other on their respective social media anymore.

Ighalo since then has not been spotted with his wedding ring.

Since he joined Manchester United, the Ex-Super Eagles striker has not been spotted publicly with his wife who has not mentioned the move once on social media.

A source close to the striker has also confirmed that Sonia has not made the trip to Manchester from London to see the player.

The source could not confirm if the striker has seen his kids since his move to Manchester United.

Then there was Sonia’s birthday recently which Ighalo snubbed publicly. It’s so unlike the couple that people noticed.

Sonia was quick to react, claiming that the Manchester United striker had called her privately.

“Someone woke me up with a birthday call… yet some lazy Naija youth are killing themselves because he didn’t post my pic,” Sonia wrote.

“When last did he post DSB? (kids) All of you are mad, well issokay to y’all mf head tho.”

Ighalo and Sonia have known each other for a long time. Although it is not clear when and where they met, the 30-year-old got an Italian passport after he married Sonia who is half-Italian.

They have three kids together- two boys and a girl.

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