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See Wild Reactions After Cristiano Ronaldo’s Wife Reveals That They Sleep On A Bed Worth KSh 4. 6M

by Terrydicos

See Wild Reactions After Cristiano Ronaldo’s Wife Reveals That They Sleep On A Bed Worth KSh 4. 6M

Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife Georgina Rodriguez as of late left fans staggered subsequent to sharing a great photograph of the Hogo bed she and the Juventus superstar sleep on.

Hogo bed is said to be a staggering design that assists with decreasing maturing of individuals who are utilizing it and it merits the amount of £31, 000 which is around KSh 4. 6 million.

Already at the age of 35, Cristiano Ronaldo is unquestionably defying time to consistently create some astonishing performances for Juventus and his national team.

Since joining Juventus from Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has won two League titles with the Old Lad.

According to the Hogo company’s description of their mattress it says, “Hogo is the only scientifically guaranteed and patented rest system in the world that normally decreases natural age by slowing down the exudation and inflammation process by which we age. “

Georgina Rodriguez asserted that the bed has been of incredible assistance for their family.

“Confession time! My day begins when I lie down to sleep in my HOGO bed. Sleeping like I’m on a cloud is my secret to keeping up with my busy lifestyle. I wouldn’t change it for anything! ” she wrote on her Instagram account.

Cristiano isn’t the one in particular who appreciates the solace of the Hogo sleeping pad as Atletico Madrid star Marcos Llorente is additionally a colossal fan.

Llorente additionally as of late shared a personal photograph of himself and his family making the most of their day in the solace of the so – called “anti – ageing mattress”.

See Reactions from fans on social media

Fredrick Mulluer: Those are just psychological thoughts and lies, aging is a must no matter how much you have.

Catherine Makokha: I thought u said it prevents them from dying.

Millecent Akinyi N: why couldn’t his bed designer design an anti – death bed for him? ?

Victor Simiyu: Probably, the bed slows down ageing, but death is a master bed that puts a stop to ageing.

Cleophas Anam: Unfortunately, it won’t be his death bed. When the bad reaper arrives, he’ll lie on another.

Peter Chege: Is it why one Kenyan politician has been around since 1960’s and yet he looks young and dances to reggae beats and looks youthful? . That could be his secret.

Godfrey Kibet: The dude has aged so fast recently, the bed must have expired

Grace Kiraithe: Enjoy when you can afford. . . we live once

Job Karani: When you’re endowed with wealth, you end up going for everything expensive!

Judy Khasoa: I don’t have a bed, but I sleep well and wake up health, so what we breath the same oxgen! ! ! or does he breath inert gas? ?

Mohamed B. Osman: It’s not aging we call wear and tear reducing system.

Mzee Mzima: Ata Michael Jackson use to sleep inside a oxygen filled bag and he died.

What is your opinion about this bed?

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