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Months After Laycon Was Dragged For Wearing A Rubber Wristband, See What He Wears Now

by Terrydicos

Months After Laycon Was Dragged For Wearing A Rubber Wristband, See What He Wears Now

Laycon was mercilessly dragged on Twitter for wearing a rubber wristband after he emerged as the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 5. Some Twitter users called him out big time also for having poor dress sense. Recall also that Erica might have rejected him for that too and told him logically to work on himself which might have helped in improved on himself a lot.

Many thought, Laycon won’t emerge as the Big Brother Naija Season 5 (Lockdown) winner but as grace got him covered he emerged as the winner of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show with huge votes even more than the previous year winner Mercy Eke. He was further appointed as the Youth Ambassador to the Ogun State Governor a few days after he became the winner of the show as well.


Laycon as an emerging winner was battling with his fashion dress sense and style but could be related to the fact that he came from a poor background. He wasn’t dressing as the champion and winner of the biggest reality TV show in Nigeria, this made some fans and supporters to call him out via his official Twitter handle when he posted a photo of himself wearing a rubber wristband. This one particular Twitter user with the username @savageprince042 replied to his picture with “Oga you don pass this level Nah, Go find diamond chain”

Here below is the screenshot of @savageprince042:

It might also seem like Laycon took it at pains quietly and tremendously improved on his fashion sense and especially got a diamond chain just like the Twiter follower asked or suggested of him to do.

He only did not improve by getting himself a diamond hand chain but also that of a diamond necklace as well. He further, upgraded his fashion sense just as some of his fans and other Twitter users have dragged him for. See more photos of what Laycon wears now after months of being trolled and dragged on social media for wearing a rubber wristband and not having a good dress sense.

Just as the photos have shown, he has indeed improved his fashion sense and no longer wears a rubber wristband anymore. Laycon is also making more waves with his music career and maintaining his title as Big brother Naija Season 5 Winner as well. One of his majors hit some of his “Hip – hop Ft Deshinor” and this is currently trending lyrically in the music world and industry.


Laycon has also topped up his game as well. He has also been doing adverts as a brand ambassador for Oppo Mobile Phones and Mentos as a mint brand as well, in these recent times. Laycon is covered with grace and he is making use of that grace as the winner of Big Brother Naija Lockdown Season 5.

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