Your V*gina Is Sweet” – Man Accused Of Raping Singer Queency Benna Shares His Side Of The Story

Alaska Obi, the doctor accused of rape by singer Queency Benna has shared his side of the story

It was earlier reported that Queency Benna recently took to social media to cry for help after she was allegedly raped by a medical doctor.

According to Benna, a man raped her in a hotel in Abuja, leaving her feeling depressed and suicidal.

Tagging the man a “bloody hell rapist”, Benna explained how the man had allegedly gave her so much to drink and ended up raping her.

According to her, she had travelled to Abuja and was checked into Transcorp Hilton hotel by her manager.

Benna explained that she had shared a Snapchat video of herself in her room and the doctor in question messaged her and asked her for dinner.

She said the guy had told her he was also in Transcorp and she decided to have dinner with him as turning him down would sound rude.

She explained that during dinner, the guy kept giving her drinks and she felt tipsy, which usually never happens to her.

The singer stated that she told him she was tipsy and he told her he would help her to her room. However, when they got to her room, the man raped her.


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However, Obi has stated that he never raped the singer.

In an interview with media personality, Ubi Franklin, Obi stated that he had s*x with the singer and agreed to pay 200,000 naira.

He said that he only paid 100,000 Naira, which made her start accusing him of rape.

Ubi pointed out that multiple other women have accused him of doing the same thing to them and he replied, “Most of them, I actually pay them but apparently, they always complain that I’m very rude and arrogant.”

Meanwhile, screenshots of Benna’s conversation with Obi has also surfaced online.

The chats appear to show that they agreed to meet for s*x but problem began when they had issues with payment.

In the chat, she called him a “doctor that is inhuman enough to sleep with a woman in her own hotel room and left her stranded after an argument.”

She reached out to him, asking for her money. When that wasn’t forthcoming, she threatened to go on social media to call him out.

He had, however, told her not to do that as her v*gina is sweet and he does not want to lose it.

Benna had later followed through on her threats and had taken to social media to call him out.

Read the chats below.



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In another development, Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin has called on the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu not to impose another lockdown in the state.

Sanwo-Olu recently returned the restriction in places of worship in the state.

In a statement on Friday, the governor also banned carnivals, concerts, and street parties until further notice, following the increase in coronavirus cases in the state.

He further directed all public servants from Grade Level 14 and below, except emergency workers and first responders, to work from home for the next 14 days starting from Monday, December 21 in the first instance.

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