Stop Misquoting Her! This Is What Erica’s Mum Meant By “They Wanted To Go And Kill Laycon”

A day ago there was an outburst from Icons(Laycon’s fans) after Erica’s mum made a statement about Laycon on a live Instagram live video.

The Instagram video chat featured Erica, her mum and a popular Nigerian hypeman and singer, Slimcase.

During the live video, Erica’s mum jokingly made a statement which some had described as a threat.

She said , “They wanted to go and Kill Laycon”.
The icons did not take this statement lightly as it seems.

From various posts on social media, it can be noted that Erica’s family are being challenged for making death threats to Laycon several times.

Remember, the two Big brother Naija ex – housemate have been in a long term beef.

Their rivalry started at the Big Brother Naija house.

It can be noted that the duo had been in a budding relationship until the BBN host, Ebuka Obi Uchendu aired Laycon’s little secret.

One eviction night, Ebuka called out Laycon for constantly telling other housemates that she(Erica) tried to kiss him. The statement angered Erica, she claimed not to have ever tried such, also, she described the statement as defamation.

This led to lots of arguments.

Erica was disqualified from the show for misconducts but her fans blamed Laycon for contributing to her disqualification. Ever since then, there has been a rivalry between the duo’s fanbase as it now seems to be a competition of “who is doing better”.
This must have been one of the reasons fans often connote meanings to every statement the duo utter about each other.

During the live video, Erica and Slimcase were talking about gifts when her mother, Mrs Oby Nwokolo, joined.

While chit – chatting, Slimcase said she’s coming to visit Erica, Erica’s mum told Slimcase to bring some oranges and fruits for her when he’s coming.

In a bit to confirm the caller’s identity, Oby asked, ” is it that guy that sang that they wanted to go and kill Laycon? ”

It’s saddening that only the part where she mentioned ” they wanted to go and kill Laycon ” went viral on social media.


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