7 things a man who loves you will never do

If he loves you truly, and not just by words of mouth, here are the things you will never see him do.

1. Talk down about yourself


A guy or man who really likes you will care so much about you that he would not want you to wallow in low self-esteem. Part of a man’s duty to you is to gas you up, to be there to protect your mental wellness and help you keep a healthy, balanced outlook to life.

2. Be out any kind of way


He cares about your image and how people perceive you. If he cares about you, if he loves you, he will not allow you put yourself out there in debasing manners, or in any way that would get the disrespect of other guys. Perception is everything.

3. Let you fight for him

Men who love you will put other females in their place and never put you in a position to fight for their attention or time

4. Go to sleep angry


He will do all he can to ensure that all issues are solved, all differences settled before any of you sleep.

5. Cut off family for him

If he is in love with you, he will realise that your family, especially the ones you love and are close with, deserve your continued connection and bond.

6. Ask you to give up dreams

He’s meant to support your dreams and be your cheerleader. If he loves you that’s exactly what he will do, not ask you to give them up.

A man who truly loves a woman would never ask her to give up her dreams. He doesn’t love you if he doesn’t support your goals and aspirations.

7. Put you last

A man who truly loves you would make you his priority.

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