See How Nigerian Soldiers Sleep When They Are In The Bush

I’ve seen something whenever I’m watching American movies or shows, I have noticed something that whenever they see a military man, the primary thing they say after they greet each other is “thank you for your service”.

That is what we call value, there is nobody who might not put his/her whole soul in his job if he knows that he will be given the honour for doing such. Whether the individual served a year in the military, he will get honoured.

The military men particularly the soldiers experience and see a lot of things, the pride of that uniform is the motivation behind why many join the military, but it isn’t that simple and straightforward, it accompanies a lot of boldness, bravery and atonement like awkward sleeping.

Pretty much, every country in the entire world has their own military, recruiting every year, furnishing them with the latest battle equipment and gears since wars and motives in utilizing the military happen in numerous places.

The manner in which these military men are working is the reason why we can sleep at night, particularly in Nigeria where there is pandemic in the upper east of the nation.

Notwithstanding the valiance and bravery acts of the soldiers, Boko Harams are still disturbing some places in the nation. But, imagine a scenario where these soldiers didn’t act, the terrorists would have destroyed various places in the country.

These soldiers sacrifice all their comfort, solace and their life, they continue fighting those terrorists that are against the country so that we can rest soundly and do anything we want consistently.

The day the soldiers joined the military was the day they sacrifice their lives for this nation. On the war front they mostly rest any place they see, sometimes where they rest today, may not be the same place they will rest tomorrow.

They tell themselves that they can be big boys outside the battlefield however when they get to the bush nothing like big boys, it’s about endurance an, survival and defence.

Below are some pictures of where the soldiers rest when they are in the bush;

This is the possibility of ​​their work, they are trained, prepared and paid for what they do but no amount of money given to them can never fill those worries, not to talk about the risk of their life.

In the article I posted about soldiers, somebody recommended that these soldiers should be paid nothing less than N500,000 every month, do you agree with that? Use the comment section below to share your opinion with us.

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