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Avoid Doing These 5 Mistakes When Next You Cook Spaghetti (Details)

by Terrydicos

Avoid Doing These 5 Mistakes When Next You Cook Spaghetti (Details)
Spaghetti is one in all our maximum cherished recipe and is generally loved with stew, sauces or made jollof.

But as easy as it’ s to prepare we still make errors unkowningly;

Here are the 5 errors which are made while cooking spaghetti

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1) Using Small Pot

This is one of the very big mistakes we make when cooking our spaghetti, squeezing a tall % of spaghetti right into a smaller pot. It’ s wrong! Cooking spaghetti in a smaller pot makes the water temperature drops notably whilst the pasta is there hereby making your spaghetti clumpy and mushy ( normal Nigerians could say ‘ gumgum’ )

2) Salting the water

Adding salt to spaghetti when cooking is wrong, don’ t forget salt additionally has iodine advantages and asides that the salt would not get into the pasta, keep in mind we sieve the water

Next time when cooking spaghetti, comply with this tip: let your water boil first then upload 1- 2 teaspoon of salt before pouring your pasta

3) Adding Spaghetti To The Water Too Soon

You cannot wait to eat, I understand. But when you place the pasta earlier than the water is boiled, the pasta sits in water that’ s not warm enough

It makes it gummy and sticky. Next time wait until the water is boiled before pouring your pasta

4) Not stirring your spaghetti:

Most people pour their spaghetti and stroll away leaving it to boil. This isn’ t rice,

Always make sure you stir your pasta after pouring into the water

5) Rinsing Your Spaghetti

We always assume the starch isn’ t wholesome and rinsing it makes it better. Meanwhile, you do not know through washing the starch, you are washing away the spaghetti high- quality flavour.

Instead, simply sieve and drain the water and serve!

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