See The African President That Converted From Islam To Christianity (Photos)

George Weah is the currently the President of Liberian and former professional footballer who remains the only African footballer in history to win the FIFA best player award and the Ballon D’or award for his exploits in his football career. He is equally the first African former professional footballer to become President.

George Weah is presently a Christian. But not many knew that he was a Muslim before converting to Christianity. According to Weah, he said he was born into a Christian family, but later in his life in 1989 he fell in love with the Muslim way after his friend took him to a school, and he converted to Islam.

He was a Muslim for 10 years. He said he often prays 5 times a day, he fast etc. After 10 years of being a Muslim, he converted back to Christianity. Liberia like Nigeria have freedom of religion. He can choose any religion he wants to belong to.

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