Shimo Kubwa! ‘I’ve Slept With Over 150 Men,’ Socialite Manzi Wa Kibera (Photos)

If you thought socialites are no more after the likes of Risper Faith, Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe settled down and stopped posting semi-nude pics online you’re wrong.

There’s a new crop of socialites who’ll do anything for fame and Shakilla is a good example.

There’s a new internet chic from Kibera slums who is trying to steal the show amid corona virus pandemic.

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Wannabe Instagram socialite, Wambo alias Manzi Wa Kibera, has left tongues wagging after revealing her body count.

The curvy flesh peddler, who sells her goodies at the famous Sabina Joy club and then masquerades as a socialite and a video vixen on Instagram, revealed that she has slept with over 150 men.

For those who frequent Sabina Joy, you have probably seen this wannabe socialite called Manzi Wa Kibera or Wambo busy hunting for ‘clients’ while dressed in revealing attires that leave little for men

The chocolate skinned big booty lady posed seductively and let the camera man take the best view of her sumptuous booty.

She calls herself Wambox Wambo alias Manzi Wa Kibera.

She brags that her booty is juicier than that of Vera Sidika.

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The lady has been flooding social media with juicy videos, mostly displaying her killer booty in s3xy lingeries. She hopes her body will move her out of the poverty

She spoke about her profession and she said,

‘I have worked with quite a number of artistes, some were good, some bad and some have weird demands and others don’t pay. As video vixens, we’re going through a lot. I wish someone comes through for us atusaidie…’

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