9jainsider.com can confirm that the reappointment of Muyiwa Ogunyemi as the Senior Special Assistance to the Ondo State governor on Students and Sport is not well received by the student body in the state.

In a press release released by the group, they condemned the reappointment labelling it “A Collosal damage to the unity of students and youths in Ondo State”

Read full statement below:


Leadership is the ability to convert vision into reality which has been the core value of His Excellency Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu.

We cannot but shy away from the fact that the reappointment of Hon muyiwa will cause a collosal damage in Ondo state amongst the students and youths.He deserves other portfolio but appointing him as the senior special assistant to the students and youths of Ondo state will not give us a desirable result.

Hon ogunyemi muyiwa does not understand the leadership responsibility in handling students and youths matters. He has never contributed anything meaningful to the youths and students in Ondo state.

His ideology does not match with that portfolio.

I could remember his contribution to the Rugipo student’s union election that almost set the state ablaze ,he came to the election ground to disrupt the order of the election and at the end, the election was cancelled.

What was his impact in that election? He allows the management to cancel that election and tiill date nothing has been done to restore back the Union in Rugipo.How can a whole Senior Special Assistant be preaching Akoko Agenda in a student’s election?

In the last governorship election ,how was he able to bring students and youths leaders together? How many institutions did he visited? These are paramount question that must be asked

I believed loyalty and hard work should be rewarded for those that have worked . _A round peg in a round hole. It is then we can have a smooth system_

Hon ogunyemi muyiwa Ojo has also worked but not in mobilising students and youths of Ondo state.

Your Excellency ,Hon Ogunyemi Ojo Muyiwa is a good man but he does not fit in as the senior special assistant to the governor on students and youths matters.

We are giving the Senior Special Assistant to Mr Governor on Students & Youths matters Hon Muyiwa Ogunyemi Ojo a 3 days ultimatum to resolve the fracas on ground and officially write a letter of apology to the entire students and youths of Ondo state for poor performances in discharging your duty as the senior special assistant on students and youths matters.

Finally, Give us in details what you have done in the last 3years as a senior special assistant

I am sure you understand the capacity of the students and youths in Ondo state and i advice you do the needful.

Comr Adekunle Ariyo Aka Pedro

One can only wonder what could have transpired that propelled the student body to go against the reappointment of the honorable who has been occupying the seat since the first adminstration.

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