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IT Agency, Smart Tech Solutions Set To Unveil New Security Innovations

by Sanusi Oluwasegun

During a 3-day hackathon organized by Smart Tech Solutions, three new security solutions was birthed which will provide additional security to life and properties when it’s finally ready for usage.

The hackathon, which held at TE Hub, Futa South Road had representatives from Emerging Community Africa, The National Security and Civil Defense Corp and Amotekun Corps lasted for 3 days with participate brainstorming on solutions that will further improve security in the country.

Speaking at the hackathon, Mr. A.A Daniel, Head of ICT, NSCDC Ondo State command emphasized the need for more gatherings where like minds and intellects can sit and brainstorm on new innovations that will propel the country to the modern day security system. He added that security in Nigeria is far from where it should be and a lot must be done to meet up with the modern day standard.


Reacting to this, the Manager of Akure Tech Hub, Mr Benson added that systems like Geo-mapping must be improved on to actually make real time security more efficient.

The hackathon was able to spark the innovation of 3 major security solutions namely; The Rapid Response System, E-Casefile and the Spytrack.

The rapid response system is expected to provide instant help to Users in distress when deployed as a signal would have been sent to a service center with just a click on a mobile phone.

The E-Casefile, another amazing solution is a cloud storage system which will serve as a means of storing and transferring documents in the cloud. the significance of this solution is that it is safe, cannot be hacked and can be deployed by all industry ranging from educational institution, medical facilities government agencies among others.

The third solution which is named, Spytrack system is being designed to provide real time visual tracking solution where users can have access to real time footage from a location it’s deployed. more features of these solutions will be available to the public in no time as smart tech solutions is poised to unveil the solution to the public.

In conclusion, the MD of TE Hub, Ilesanmi Ade-Ademola noted that the hackathon will live up to expectations as all hands are on deck to make sure the solutions are workable and acceptable.

Hence, it has become imperative that the public anticipate the three solutions which will be available soon. Technological advancement is a major way to boost the standard of living and also compete with other nations as far as tech is concerned and this without doubt, is a major objective the smart tech solution is aiming to continue to pursue.

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