I Was Renting A House & My Landlord Asked If I Was Married But When I Said No, He Said This – Lady

There is sometimes inequality as to how people perceive men and women in the society. A little girl, especially in the African tradition, is already told stories of how it would be a failure if she does not get married to a responsible man at a certain age. There is less counsel on how the female child would make it academically or career-wise because they see the female child’s limit as her marriage, unfortunately.

A lady on Twitter has recalled what happened to her when she wanted to rent a house for herself in Abuja. According to her, the landlord of the house asked her if she was married, and when she said no, he made a pitiful tone and said that God would provide for her.

In reactions on social media, some ladies also prevented their experience of how they were looked down on because of their marital status. Below are some of the reactions:


In my view, a female child should also be counseled on being successful in every facet of her life, and not just their marriage. An unmarried lady should not be put under pressure of getting married because it would become worse if she gets married to an abusive man or someone irresponsible.

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