See What Okada Man Was Spotted Doing With Woman in Broad Daylight That Sparked Reactions

As they say, wonders shall never end. It is no longer uncommon to see people who often do bizarre things in public. These persons are often seen in public doing things that often leave others asking a lot of questions. Have you ever come across an okada man doing bizarre things to a woman in public before?. Here is a practical example for you to see and possibly learn.

Presently, a video is making waves on social media. This video shows a particular okada man touching a woman in the middle of the road. As is observed, the said man was spotted caressing his passenger in the middle of the road as she failed to rebuke him.

This video has attracted much attention so far as many people are reacting to it. The majority thinks that this is indeed wrong. They argued that what he did is indeed bad and should be condemned by all Nigerians.

Others think differently. This category of people reasoned that the said woman gave him consent. They chide those criticizing the man and asked them to stop now.

What do you think?.

• Do you think that this is wrong?.

• Do you think that the okada man didn’t do anything wrong?.



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