US Based Advertising Agency Startupfive set to Establish Branch in Nigeria

Successful US-based advertising company Startupfive has announced it planned to establish 6 regional branches in Nigeria. The 6 regional branches will be established across all 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria with each zone having one branch.

Startupfive is a strategic advertising and marketing agency specializing in Digital Marketing, Branding, search engine optimizations among others. This advertising agency aim at pushing small and medium businesses to grow and get traffics to their business website.

According to Alexa, Startupfive ranked among 18000 out of over 100million companies & Websites in the United States.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, RJ Suitor has disclosed that the company has recruited skillful and professional Nigerians to help push its vision of building a reputable and reliable advertising company in Nigeria.

6 territories branch will specialize in promoting and advertising small and medium businesses in Nigeria.

The primary objective of this agency (startupfive) is to help grow Bitcoin Black as a global crytopcurrency by helping small medium and large businesses who are ready to accept Bitcoin black as a medium of payments for products and services get massive traffic to their websites and businesses at a very affordable price.

According to Mr. Suitor, the planned expansion will cost over 5 million dollars.

Mr. Suitor also announced that the Company will be using 25 companies as case studies to prove its concept.


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