Muslim Lady Replies Man Who Asked If She Would Convert To Christianity If He Married Her

True beauty does not necessitate exposing your body in public for all to see in order for them to recognize how stunning you are. Many women are unaware of this, which explains the widespread display of racy and indecent images in society, especially on social media.

A woman ignited a lot of conversation on the social media site TwitterNG earlier today after she shared a photo of herself wearing a hijab. People commented on her attractiveness despite the fact that she was fully clothed in the photo. Even though they claim “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” this demonstrates how much decency can radiate beauty through all.

While everyone was talking about how beautiful she is, one man asked her a very interesting question. He asked if she would convert to Christianity if he married her and her response was admirable.

Many people would have answered this question in a very rude and disrespectful manner but this lady didn’t. She showed that she’s not only beautiful, but she is also a woman with morals and virtue. A good Muslim woman.
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This is probably the best reply she could’ve given as she rejects the offer. She acknowledged that she does not discriminate against people because of their religious beliefs but she cannot leave her own religion.

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