“It Is An insult To My Intellect To Accept A Country That The British Created For Us”, Says Ifa Funsho

Ifa Funsho is a Pro Oduduwa nation, Pan Africanist and a historian. In her latest tweet, she stated that; ” Agitating for self- determination is your human rights. I was 20 when I start digging about Afrikan history. I know we don’ t have education because if I was educated I would’ ve become a fool. It’ s an insult to my intellect to accept a country British created for us. ” #EndNigeriaNow

Below are some comments:

” No disrespect: is everyone right to Agitate but the other thing is to know what you are Agitating for; haven’ t said that, in such a time like this hoodlums sees it as an avenue to join the thread and ripped of innocent people of their sweat. So one need to be careful about it. ” – Duke of Benin

” A country British created for us but left it for us to rule and we spoilt it? It would have even be better if they still colonized us till now there is 100% probability that the country would have been much better. If you think of slavery, most people are still slaves here. – Prince Everest

” We ruined this country ourselves! Nobody should call Britain here! No be Britain create Ghana and Rwanda, see where they are now.

Blaming the UK is us not taking responsibility for our actions. All the money missing from NNPC for ages na UK theif am? – Ogah Nazi

” Look at other colonized countries around the world(there are differences in our colonial experience). They made the best of their situation and they’ re way ahead.

We ruined our country when we allowed mad men to rule us. We should be advocating for restructuring and change. ” – Zoey Dimeji

We have chosen colonial inherited boundaries hence the divide and rule still very much in existence. Maybe just maybe if Africa was United we won’ t be here today. – Sisi Jirola



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Ezekiel Okeke
Ezekiel Okeke
April 11, 2021 10:16 pm

Only the people concerned have legitimacy of the law to establish a sovereign state with a constitution to govern their affairs. At no time in history did this territory natives who owns the land and are more than 99% population of this territory, establish any country call Nigeria with a constitution. British bandits violently established the fraud called Nigeria in 1914 to use it and steal wealth of this territory natives. The way fulani criminals from Guinea violently established the fraud called fulani caliphate with its emirates in 1804 to use it and steal wealth of northern natives. Fulani criminals… Read more »