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If You Can be Making Love Everyday, You Won’t Have These 5 Diseases

by Terrydicos

If You Can be Making Love Everyday, You Won’t Have These 5 Diseases

Every man or woman is entitled to always keep their body active at every point. It is best to say that you can live younger and healthier through what you do or engage yourself during your youthful days. Looking at the society in reference to the lives of older men, we can discover that most of them suffers from different kind of diseases which might have been building up in their system for a couple of years before the physical manifestation.

Some of these diseases according to scientists can be prevented through making love. This shows the benefits of making love in the life of every man. Taking a look at what we have here, we can point out that this act does these things to our human body.

1. Lowers Blood Pressure;

As we are made to know by health scientists, high blood pressure can increase or expose one to heart attack or stroke. This can cause erectile dysfunction in men. According to scientific studies, one of the ways to prevent this is through love making.

2. Reduces The Risk of Prostate Cancer;

Prostate cancer is regarded as the most common cancer that affects men. In a research led by Micheal Leitzmann from National Cancer Institute, he states that men who makes love up to 21 times in a month can hardly suffer from this disease.

3. It Relieves Pain;

According to neurologists, one who has migraine or cluster headache can get relieved through making love. They further speaks that through this act, the body cab release which are natural painkillers in our body.

4. It Increases Lifespan;

In a discovery made by The BMJ, the mortality of over a thousand me ranging from 45 – 59 years in the past decade was as a result of of low love making. In the publication, the risk of mortality for men who often makes loves reduces to a 50 percent.

5. It Improves Immune System;

According to Psychological reports when often practiced tends to improve the immune system. They is an increase in the IgA which is an antibody showing how strong our immune system is or can be after this act when compared to those who doesn’t.

This has shown the hidden benefits of love making in the life of every man.

Do you think it is wise for every young man to engage himself in this act always?

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