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See Cute Pictures Of This Nollywood Actor Celebrating His Wife

by Terrydicos

See Cute Pictures Of This Nollywood Actor Celebrating His Wife

Ibrahim Yekini Popularly known as King Kesari is a notable actor in Nigeria movie industry, most especially in Yoruba movies. He has managed to produce different types of movies that earned massive respect from interested fans worldwide while his popularity grew everyday. His talent in those movies speaks a lot about how good he is at acting. He is a professional filmmaker, scriptwriter, soundtrack producer, and a director who has travelled round the globe for more experience to grow in his line of career.

Despite being a very busy person, Ibrahim is among the few celebrities who manage to created time for their loved ones. The popular actor was born and raised in Lagos state in the year 1991 which makes him 31 years as for 2021. He finished all his necessary education in his state before joining the entertainment industry.

The young actor is slowly dominating the whole industry with his wonderful performance in his movies. The young actor has produced more than 70 Yoruba movies which includes ” Kesari and Lucifer” and was featured in over 100 Yoruba movies since his debut.


The young actor is among the most handsome and hot talented actor presently in the industry. His wife is also beautiful which makes their combination perfect one for anyone who loves the view of beautiful marriage to be jealous. Of recent, Ibrahim scout out to the museum to celebrate his beautiful wife as the couples went around in nice outfits to showcase their love to the world.

Well Today I will be sharing with you guys some hot photos of this actor with his beautiful and charming wife. This pictures are uploaded by Ibrahim on his official social media account where he caption his massive gratitude to God and his wife who stands by him in all situation that comes forth.

So guys what can you say about this actor beautiful wife photos? Drop your comments in the comment box below Like Share Comment And Follow me for more interesting articles.


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