Home ARTICLES Never Buy Mermory Cards, Here’s How Your Phone Can Have Extra Mermory Space (Photos)

Never Buy Mermory Cards, Here’s How Your Phone Can Have Extra Mermory Space (Photos)

by Terrydicos

Never Buy Mermory Cards, Here’s How Your Phone Can Have Extra Mermory Space (Photos)

We occasionally receive the ” Low Storage” notification from our phones, which is inconvenient enough.

In this article, I’ ll show you how to free up space on your phone and eliminate the need for a memory card.

First and foremost, I’ ll tell you about some things that are taking up space on your phones without your knowledge.

1) Download WhatsApp status

These downloaded statuses may not appear in our gallery, but they remain on our phones. You can delete them and free up space once you’ ve found them in your file manager or storage settings.

2) Obstructed Download

Downloads may be hampered at times due to a poor internet connection, insufficient storage, or other factors. When these downloads are interrupted, the portion that has already been downloaded takes up space on your phone.

The tricky part is that you may not be able to see it to delete it, but it will remain until you do.

3)WhatsApp image and video

Images and videos sent via WhatsApp take up a lot of space on our phones. The truth is that if a video isn’ t particularly important, you don’ t need it in your phone after you’ ve seen it.

4) screenshot

I’ m sure everyone can agree that the garbage they have as screenshots is unbelievable. It’ s this way because you want to screenshot everything you see, but it’ s past time you cleaned up your screenshot folder.

5)That song you never listen to but keep on your playlist

We all have that one song that we won’ t delete or play because it makes us feel good.

It’ s important not to keep unnecessary items on your tablet, so delete the song immediately.

6)Applications that you never use

We’ ve all clogged our phones with so many applications that we either don’ t need or aren’ t that useful. It’ s important that we prioritize our software, use the ones we need, and uninstall the ones we don’ t.

I’ m confident that if we clean out all of the junk from our phones, we’ ll have plenty of room and won’ t need a memory card.


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