Do This If A Girl Doesn’t Reply Your Messages In Time

I hear a lot of complaints from guys regarding this so here’s what you can do to sort it out.

The first thing to remember is never talking to her about it regardless of what anyone tells you or how bad the behaviour makes you feel.. it’s very counterproductive because she’ll never tell you the real reason she does it which is that she’s just being mischievous. Besides, it makes you sound whiney.

So let’s say you send her a message and she takes 15mins to reply, then you should take 15mins as well before you reply to her. Next, watch the time it takes her to reply to that second message and this time around double that time before replying to her… So if she takes 10 or 15mins to reply the second time, take 20 or 30mins respectively before you respond.

Sometimes she can be genuinely busy at work, then you can use your discretion and vary your own texting time, by sometimes responding quicker and other times taking longer to respond.

Happy dating. Does this work for you? Share your experience

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