SHOCKING! ! “Ada Jesus Is Not Dead, She Is Healthy And Alive”- Commedian Esther

Since Mr. Gwamnishu, who was one of the people who sponsored Ada Jesus’ hospital bills, announced that she had passed away in the bosom of the Lord, social media, relatives, and friends have been in mourning. Though Many people didn’ t believe it at all, until the news went viral.

However, a female comedian named Esther Onumara came on her social media platform on Facebook to debunk the rumour about Ada Jesus being dead, and it was about 17 hours ago at the time that she said that Ada Jesus did not die, and she hasn’ t changed her stand since then.

Esther said in the video that she wanted all of her fans to post the video so that Nigerians could see it.

She went on to state that Ada Jesus is not dead and that the rumor on social media is insufficient to assume that she is dead.

She went on to say ” If she was actually dead, as the news reported, her family members would have written rest in peace or announced her death on her official page. Ada Jesus is strong and sound, and she is either seeking care or taking her medicine in an Abuja hospital. ” Esther also reported that Ada Jesus truly had a heart arrest and had to be rushed to the intensive care unit, but she was resuscitated. She said that, despite the fact that she had offended many men of God, herbalists, and others, she had asked for forgiveness and that she would make it and be fine. In the video, which you can watch below, she explains a lot of stuff.

While many people have responded negatively to the video, believing the lady is simply seeking publicity and followers.


But do you think this lady is just looking for attention or something is fishy?

Comment below to know your opinion.

Sad: Ada Jesus passed away at the age of 23.

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