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“If I Didn’t Obey God To End My Relationship I Won’t Have Married Adesua”- Banky Wellington

by Terrydicos

“If I Didn’t Obey God To End My Relationship I Won’t Have Married Adesua”- Banky Wellington

Speaking in an event is the popular Nigerian Artiste Banky Wellington, who is popularly regarded by his stage name ” Banky W” . He reveals how he met his wife Adesua Etomi after God told him to end his relationship with his fiance.

Here is the excerpt of everything Banky W said in the video:

” I said to myself by the time I’ m 30, I’ m going to marry. So I was going to use my 20′ s to live like a vagabond, to do anyhow and then when I was about 28 and 29, I would find the person I want to settle down with and at 30 I will marry and I will use two years to enjoy with my wife and then have kids but God had another plan. When I realized I was 32 and I was still living crazy, really reckless and so I started to think about the plan I had before, I said to myself, ” Now, I’ m 32 it’ s time to fixed up” . So at the time, I found somebody that I got along with very well, and I said to myself, this is the person I’ m going to marry. For the first time, I took this person to my family and parent, as the person I’ m dating, and so on. But for a few months, I just didn’ t have peace and over a few months, I had three dreams specifically about this situation and God told me in no clear terms, that if I went ahead with my plan, that not only would it bring disaster on myself even the on the person that I was dragging with me, it was not going to work out for us and after I had a third dream.

I knew practically what God was saying. So I said let me go to a spiritual leader and I went to someone I trust and told him everything. Do you know what he said to me? He said, ” Actually, God told me months ago that this is not the person for you but I know you are stubborn. So I went to God and said, please you know your son, tell him yourself because if I tell Banky this, he will marry the girl next week just to prove a point, that nobody can tell him what to do. ” So at that point, I knew what God was saying. I ended the relationship and for the next two years, I focused on work, trying to be a better person, fixing my life and I started going to church very regularly. I’ m just trying to be a better person and a better child of God. Then, I directed a TV commercial for a company and they’ re doing a launch event at Oriental Hotel.

During the interview, I just saw the most beautiful sight I’ d ever seen in my life. Here is the interesting thing, in my mind that was the first time I saw Adesua, but the truth of it is I had crossed paths with her every year, for the past three to four years and I can’ t even recognize her as my wife. You know sometimes, you’ re praying for something but God won’ t give you the answer because you are not ready to handle it. So, if I didn’ t obey God to end my relationship, I won’ t have married Adesua. So when I saw her, there was this friend I saw with her that I know. I reached out to her and she told me everything about her. I’ ve not even seen her in movies before, so I went on Google to do my research and I could the kind of person that she is, not only is she beautiful, she is intelligent, smart, balanced, grounded and she’ s not ashamed of her faith. So, I called my friend Tunde and I told him I’ ve found my new girlfriend. ”

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