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Gunpoint To Blackmail Princess, Iyabo Ojo– Actor Sir Koro Apologizes

by Terrydicos

Gunpoint To Blackmail Princess, Iyabo Ojo– Actor Sir Koro Apologizes

Comedian and actor Abimbola Olasunbo, better known by his stage name Sir Koro, has apologized after claiming that Princess and embattled Yoruba actor Olanrewaju James, better known by his stage name Baba Ijesha, were dating prior to his arrest for rapping Princess’ foster daughter.

Sir Koro said in an Instagram video that Comedienne Princess and Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo set up Baba Ijesha on purpose.

” I do not help Baba Ijesha, let me clear the air, but I want every man to understand that no man is a freeman when the house is empty, and everyone is a thief when the house is empty, ” he said.

” There’ s a mystery behind all of these dramas, particularly with Iyabo Ojo’ s adamant determination to see the case through to its conclusion.

” Aunty Iyabo has been raped before, don’ t you know? Please don’ t take offense, Aunty Iyabo; I understand how upset you are about the situation. Baba Ijesha knows the truth about Aunty Iyabo’ s abuse, and it’ s a closely guarded secret, which is why Aunty Iyabo was offended.

” For those who don’ t know, Princess and Baba Ijesha have a very close friendship. They have outlived their usefulness.

Princess and Aunty Iyabo are close friends, and it was only after they discussed it that they agreed to confirm and set up Baba Ijesha.

” CCTV was not used in the installation of Baba Ijesha; are all CCTV cameras, whether at home or at work, mounted to the ground level?

” The two men in the video who were seen leaving were the ones who came to set up the 60D camera. While CCTV cameras do not pick up voices, this specific camera did.

” You can see in the video that the girl was the one who first approached Baba Ijesha, and then he followed suit and embraced her. ”

The actor, who said in the video that it was a set- up, also questioned why the girl was stationed to sit in the same place even when she went to get something.

According to Sir Koro, the matter became public after Princess aborted a child for the minor. Before passing a final judgment on Baba Ijesha, he urged the government to arrest Princess, the girl, and the two men who were involved in the set- up.

In a new video he shared, he has since recanted everything he said. When he made the accusation, the actor claimed he was under duress.

He claims he was forced to make the false allegations because he was held at gunpoint by unknown individuals. Iyabo and Princess pleaded with him to forgive him.


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