Opinion: Why Wizkid May End Up Marrying His Cute Baby Mama Jada

Popular Nigerian singer, Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid has over three baby mamas who have given birth for him even as he is yet to officially walk down the aisle with any of them to tie the knots.

However, over the period, it appears that one of his baby mamas, precisely the third one, Jada Pollock has distinguished herself among the rest. Despite being the third on the list, Jada has some unique qualities about her that most men desire in a woman who they can regard as a wife material.

In view of this, Jada may have won the heart of Wizkid that the popular singer may consider making her his wife by officially marrying her. Going by the kind of intimacy, chemistry and working relationship between the two of them plus the amazing qualities that Jada possesses which can help her win the heart of any man that values a woman of substance. Below are some of her outstanding qualities.

She balances her roles well

Jada balances her roles as a partner, mother and manager well. The three roles are very demanding. Yet, Jada balances them very well and performs them as expected.

You can see her spending quality time with Wizkid, taking care of her child and doing her job as Wizkid’ s manager at other times. She does all these well and stays on top of her game.

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