She Innocently posted a Picture of Herself not Knowing People Would Zoom in and See This

Happiness is really contagious. When we are happy sometimes we want to try and share that happiness with others.

This can be done by even posting pictures of our happy moments on social media. People will start engaging with us that as well as share our happiness. A certain girl who was smartly dressed decided to post her picture on twitter and captioned it “hello Hi”


From the picture you can see that she did not check her backgrounds but just innocently took her picture and posted it. However the zoom gang noticed the guy who was behind her. The guy seemed to have been taken aback by the girl’s beauty therefore he walked a distance just stirring at the girl.

A lot of people felt bad for the guy who obviously did not get a chance to talk to the girl and the fact that the girl had hardly noticed him too. Some were of the opinion that with the way he was looking at her he could possibly bump into something and injure himself.

Moments like these are rarely caught on camera but they do make a beautiful story.

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